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Marwa was simply amazing. Everyone was very nice from Martha that greeted me instantly and remembered that I had been in a week before for a consultation and asked what kind of hairstyle I had decided on. Marwa is professional and knowledgable in all area of beauty. I loved the haircut I was referred by my friend and I will defenetly spread the word.

- Mariet A. in Garfield, NJ




Received Enigma Gift certificate as a birthday present and WOW, a great present from my sister. Gabe and his staff very knowledgeable,friendly staff whom transforms each customer the center of their attention. A very unique place where a customer feels relaxed. Gabe, I congratulate you for for leading your staff.

- Sylvia. in Haledon, NJ




Hidden Gem inside Passaic Park! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, beautiful decor, good coffee and most importantly my hair looks fantastic and healthy. Love this place! Can't wait for their spa to open next door too.

- Angie C. in Passaic Park, NJ



Living Social Comments from clients:

11/4/2011 excellent service & staff , Thanks
11/4/2011 Gabe was wonderful!
11/3/2011 Service is Amazing there!!!! Love it!!!!!
10/20/2011 Gabriel, the owner, was absolutely fabulous. He knew what he was talking about and his girls were friendly. Can't wait to go back!
10/20/2011 Very nice salon, and talented stylists.
10/19/2011 Very professional! The value was a steal. Will definitely return!
  9/23/2011 Great salon, awesome prices, very professional staff, I loved my haircut and color. Would highly recommend.
  9/22/2011 It was a very nice experience. Everyone is friendly and the service was excellent.




Gabe fab...color fab..eyebrow waxing good...prices too cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!! place is goregous.....hoboken /soho vibe...

- Davida C. in Passaic Park, NJ




Love love love this place. As soon as I walked I was attended to and offered coffee or tea. The owner is very knowledgeable and the staff very friendly. The vine of the place is calm and I felt so relaxed. I for the keratin treatment done in my hair by Melissa, and she was amazing. The consultation by gave made me feel fully aware of the treatment. Everyone that walked in for the 2 hrs I was there walked out looking great. By the qay the place is super clean and looks upscale. Loved my hair.

- Julissa R. in San Jose, CA




I been going to Enigma Salon for over a year now, so this review is long overdue. The atmosphere is very chill, the girls are friendly and Gabe is absolutely fabulous!!! He takes his time and knows what works for you. Definitely recommend, he knows his craft.

- Melissa F. in Clifton, NJ




Excellent salon!! Top quality service and reasonable prices. Couldn't ask for much more...I love both my haircut and color!

- Andrea N. in Bloomfield, NJ




I LOVE Enigma's!!!!! You have an amazing staff of true professional cosmetologists who know their craft and do it very well consistently. I am a loyal customer to Enigma's and have seek their services for my hair from the first moment I entered their door. I am always greeted politely by the whole staff, Gabe, Marwa and Rebecca. They understand what it is to deliver excellent customer service and superior salon quality care to their clients. I entrust Marwa with my hair, and without fail she never disappoints me with the results. I am always blown away by how she is able to make my hair so beautiful with her expertise in coloring. She also cuts very well! Overall, I am always happy with their services, the environment is so beautiful, the staff is AMAZING, and you definitely get your monies worth. I highly recommend Enigma's to everyone!!!!!!

- Dhurata H. in Clifton, NJ




I got a beautiful, fun edgy cut at Enigma salon by Marwa and will definately go back. prices are very reasonable and the level of expertise in color, cut, styling is on par with pricier salons in New York I highly recommend this salon

- Geri R. in Clifton, NJ




Enigmas is my personal get away to a world of relaxation. Everyone deserves some pampering and definatly you get that at Enigmas. The stylist are masters to what they do and they make you feel and look better through their eyes. I recommend to anyone to go have a experience with any of the stylists....thanks guys I will see you my next appointment!!!

- Nuhi H. in Hawthorne, NJ




I just want to say that service and good quality don't go together anymore unless of course you try this place, excelent front the moment you walk in to the very moment your out! Wonderfull staff, beautiful stablishment! its worth every $$$ so don't be afraid to try! and yes they don't have a Valet Parking so what dont be lazy and walk a block or two its call EXERCISE! anyway love the place love the service! Thank You! For Everything love my hair and my color!

- Robertho in Hawthorne, NJ




The stylists here are masters. You can put yourself in their hands and know they will give you the best look for your hair type.A warm friendly atmosphere pulls it all together.This is the Best of the Best in hair salons.

- Bev K in Clifton, NJ




I went to Enigma recently and had the best experience! I walked in and immediately felt appreciated. They gave me a hot espresso, relaxed. The haircut I got was awesome! You can tell that the stylists know exactly what they're doing and they love it! It was the best haircut I got, and was only about 20 bucks! Of course I gave them a nice tip. I will definitely be back.

- Matt Wilder in Clifton, NJ




This place is GREAT! The people are fantastic and the atmosphere is sooooooo relaxing. My haircut came out excellent and I definitely intend to go back again.

- Diana of Clifton




This was my first visit to Enigma Salon and I have to say from the moment I walked up the sidewalk and saw the place, I was impressed. First of all it's located conveniently in Passaic Park right off of Rt. 21, exit 10 to be exact, and there's plenty of parking in the area, all a big plus.
What was really great was the service as I walked in the door. lots of smiles, beautiful decor, great tunes to set the mood, and was offered one fine espresso by gabe the owner.

Now for the haircut...awesome!!! Marwa has a great sense of detail and versatility when it comes to my hair, it's growth pattern, and ideas to make it look like I envision. In a world of trendy hairstyles, it's nice to know that someone knows how to give a dashing, classic "do".
thank you!!!

- Kyle Eagle



Hi Gabe,

My wife absolutely loved her haircut! She raved about how beautiful the place was, and how she was treated. Un cafe cubano y una mamosa, now thats how you start a morning!! You made her feel real special and I LOVED the hair! Usually when she comes back from stylists I have to lie about liking it just so she wont bite my head off. She ends up still biting my head off anyway because she is so unhappy with it. Well that didnt happen! It was actually the opposite and for that I thank you very much!
BTW, my wife is going to recommend your place to everyone she knows.





As my work calls for, Iíve work with a lot make-up and hair stylists, including some that work for top magazines, and I have to say Gabe and Marwa belong in that group, working for some of the top magazines in the world, I donít have words to describe the amazing job they did and the amazing art they created, I guess the images will speak for them self (see portfolio link above).

Thank you so much, it could of not happen without you,

Max Di Biaggio

You can see some of the images on Enigma's site or on my site.



Gabe and Marwa,

I cannot thank you enough for my new hair style! I knew from both of your experiences and practice that my hair would be in good hands! From having the same style for so many years I was ready for something new, but scared of change. You guys made me feel so comfortable that I knew it would be OK. However, it was more than OK -I love my new look it's completely different and hot! I am still amazed at how you picked the colors and style to know how to accent (and hide the not so great!) features. I can't imagine going anywhere else now. You've created a beautiful place, made your clients feel so comfortable in it, and given amazing looks to new friends. See you two soon!

Your new permanent client,
.Jackie Nemeth



Hi Gabe & Co.

 I approached Enigma's at 7:05 PM noticing the store hours on the door said open until 7 PM. I decided I'm going to knock and see the digs anyway, see if I can schedule myself in for the next day. Marwa, without any hesitation, said I can actually get my cut right then! At first I was a little hesitant because I didn't know Gabe & thought maybe he is going to rush my cut to get to dinner earlier :) It turns out that not only did I get the best haircut I have ever gotten but the friendliness of the staff (after a full day of working) was unparalleled to anywhere else I have ever been to. I highly highly highly recommend Enigma's to anybody looking for a supreme cut & friendly staff who will work with you, not try to rush you out. While inside, take a look around. Try finding a nicer, relaxing salon anywhere on the east coast. Gabe, I thank you so much for staying open an hour and stay late for me. Customer service like that can't be found anywhere else. Check this place out, your life won't be the same after. I will be seeing you guys soon!

Shalom Abrahams


Hello to Gabe,

Thank you for the great cut and style, I always look and feel great when you do my hair. You are blessed with great talent & creativity its proven right here in your salon !!!! I've never felt so relaxed in this awsome environment Enignma's portrays. I will continue to come from Georgia to be a part of this very best service , wish you the best! I am hoping to see you again soon.... BTW, my friends were also quite happy with your style suggestions and loved the outcome."beautiful"

Love You and miss you
Charlene of GA


Hello to Gabe & Staff,

I just want to say the experience of getting my hair done at your gorgeous studio yesterday was fabulous. Everyone was so nice and professional and Marwa did an excellent job! I just got out of bed and my hair still looks fantastic.

In the past I've had bad experiences where hairstylists would yak on cell phones while cutting my hair (and therefore the results were bad) or people who just didn't "get" me. From the minute I walked in, I just KNEW I could trust Marwa to give me what I wanted, and she certainly delivered, and then some!

I will definitely be back and I will recommend your place to everyone I know. Good luck to all of you.

Mary Anne (from A-1 Nutrition)